What is the Mad Cave?

This is a place where madness and creativity flourish. Inside of the Mad Cave you’ll find an independent comic book publisher made up of passionate, talented, and creative individuals. Our focus is on creating diverse and “addictive” stories that play with your childhood’s imagination. Through quality art and storytelling, we want to make sure that you will have the most fun possible reading comics.

What kind of stories come from the Mad Cave?

All the comic books that come out of the Mad Cave share one thing in common: madness. No matter the theme, genre, or art style, all of our titles use madness to transport you out of your living room and into another world. Whether you’re imagining yourself alongside the Battlecats on a heroic journey through Valderia, or following Det. Aiden McCormick through a dark alley as he searches for clues to solve the most intricate crimes in Detroit, all Mad Cave comics are immersive.

What inspired Mad Cave?

When we were young there weren’t many ways for people to stay connected with their favorite films, shows, or any franchise in general. There weren’t fansites or magazines devoted to the stories we loved. No endless supply of merchandise to keep us engaged. One thing that kept us tied to our favorite franchises were toys. With these toys we could finally play out all-new stories with our favorite heroes using only our imagination. Whether you wanted to dream up a new space saga for Luke Skywalker to star in or takedown an evil mega corporation with Robocop, it was all possible. The idea of putting together and playing with the world’s funnest toy box is what inspired the idea for Mad Cave. When you think of your old toy box it was a place where G.I. Joe could fight next to Stretch Armstrong or Silver Surfer and not feel out of place. It was a meeting place for every type of genre and every kind of character. In a sense it was pure madness.

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